Frank Myers

by Krys Midgett

There is magic in words and music. The kind of magic that makes you feel. It makes you laugh, makes you cry and makes you remember things that may have long since been forgotten. Songs make you feel like that singer is talking about your life or straight to you. That is how hits are made. It is the magic. 
You know your favorite songs and your favorite singers, but do you know the songwriters? That is where the magic begins. It begins with their love, their broken-heart, their loss, their struggles, their triumphs. Songwriters are sharing a bit of their soul to touch the listeners and as a type of therapy for others. And they do it because they love it. Not for fame or recognition.  

A songwriter’s story is very much like most ‘following your dreams’ stories. Some of these stories are so amazing, that even the songwriters look back with a sense of appreciation at their own success.  

One such songwriter is Frank Myers. He has written so many hits in his amazing career and poured his heart into it. He grew up in Dayton, Ohio, surrounded by music. His grandma played banjo, he and his brother played guitar and fiddle, his uncle played mandolin, another uncle played bass, his dad, Peewee Myers, was a singer and fiddle player. ‘That’s how I started playing. I played guitar and fiddle when I was nine. I played with my dad. Every weekend, there was music throughout the house,” reminisces Myers.  

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