"You and I' By Frank Myers

“My wife (Belinda) and I lived in an apartment in Antioch. We had one car and she worked  second shift at the bank. I was with Eddy Raven and he was a new artist. So he wasn't playing a lot, so there wasn't a lot of money. She started worrying about things and I kept saying, 'We'll be all right. We'll be all right. Don't worry' So when Eddy and I wrote the song 'Changes' with Tanya Tucker, there's a line that goes “Neither one of us will ever change/we're both the same and that's a shame/Cause when we were together it was right/We had it all, you and I'  For some reason, ‘You and I’ always stuck in my head as a title.  

So, I'm sitting around the apartment before she went to work one day, with my guitar. I was trying to write a song, trying to get an idea or something.  
She asked me what I was doing and I said 'Trying to write a song.' She asked, 'What kind of song?' I answered, 'A country song honey. We're in Nashville now. I gotta write something country. We're not in Ohio anymore.'  

She said, ' Well, that hasn't been working out real good.” I said 'Well, we just got this Tanya Tucker cut.” She said 'Yeah but there's no money coming in.’ She said 'I know you're trying to write a country song but why don't you write me a Lionel Richie, Commodores type song.’ And so I took her to work, came home and got my guitar. This melody started coming to me and I thought about that title ‘You and I’ and I wrote the song in a couple of hours. I picked her up that night, brought her home and played her the song. She was all teary-eyed.  

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You Never Forget Your First

written by Krys Midgett 

 It is true, you never forget your first, even if it isn’t very good. I mean, you start out inexperienced, not really knowing the next step, or how to get the end result that you are trying to accomplish. What emotions will it evoke? Will there be laughter, tears or no emotion at all? If you are lucky, the first will be with someone who has years of experience. 

Luckily, my first went very smoothly and only took an hour from start to finish. I had already laid the ground work and had something already in motion. You see, I got lucky. My first song was written with Olivia West and she makes it look easy. 

Here is the story of my first song: 

My name is Krys Midgett and I am a songwriter. I have always been a writer. I love writing. Before I was even in school, I would make up songs and sing them loudly and out of tune. My dad was a singer, my mom can sing beautifully. The singing talent skipped me. I accept that, it isn’t something that I ever dreamed of doing. My dream was really to save the world, seriously. As a small child, I wanted to grow up and be an actress because I thought I would be rich and have a big house so I could adopt all the orphaned children, all the stray animals and all the homeless people. Yea, that was a pretty big dream. I still would like to save the world. 

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