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Give A Little

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A portion of the donations for Download go to Give A Little Christmas.
Written by Olivia West, Seth Jackson and Krys Midgett


Rico was the oldest of the Maldanado songs
Already lost his daddy and was about to lose his mom
He got caught red-handed by the big bad policiia
Lifting medicine for mama from the local pharmacia
The pharmacist said officer let the boy go free
His moma really needs it, this one's on me

Give a little
A little money or compassion
Give a little
A little time if that's all you got
Give a little
A little love and understanding
Give a little 
It doesn't have to be a lot
Give a little

The officer got all choked up when he drove poor rico home
Seeing how that little man held down the fort alone
From that that day on he treated kids with a little less severity
Started helping others out till it turned into a charity
He says it all the time now because he lives by those words


When the officer's girl got sick and he couldn't pay for chemo
The whole grateful town pitched in with the help of Dr. Rico


Imagine what we’ve got if we all just give a little